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My great-great grandparents
  William & Margaret Willis
   parents of Lou Ellen - 1889

My great grandmother
Lou Ellen Willis,
mother of Edna Hill

Mr. and Mrs. AC Hill
(Alvin & Edna)
parents of my dad

Great Grandma Elizabeth Sparks
Hill  (mother of Alvin C. Hill)  and
    family - 1940's

 My dad, KF Hill-this photo was
  taken while he was in the
  Korean  War in 1953

My mom Betty feeding the
squirrels in San Francisco

 Yep, it's ME,  born on January
   (Shevat)  27, 1956 in South
Carolina (year 5716 on the
Hebrew calendar). I was born
on Tu'B Shvat. No wonder
I love trees!

   Me at age one, holding
   a hand full of money!
 It was a 'sign' LOL!

    Me at age 2, at home in
   Marion, Virginia - 1958

Me at age 3 in my "cool"
Annie Oakley  outfit
Winston-Salem, NC

Me at age 4
Williamston NC

Me at age 5  at the Hill
  Family "old home" place

Me at age 6 with my mom
    and brother, Richard

This is Peggy Tate, the wonderful
lady who took care of me and my
brother Richard when we were
young.  It was great to find out
that she is still alive after all of
these years! 2005

This is me and Peggy at her home in
Gastonia NC - June 2006.   Peggy went
on to the Olam Haba in July 2008.  May
she rest in peace.

Me with my best friend
Debbie Haas. We both
graduated from Ashbrook
High School in Gastonia,
North Carolina
Class of  '74

Here I am, 32 years later, back on the school
grounds of my Alma Mater, Ashbrook. I met
a lot of wonderful people here and have loads
of good memories - 2006

Me at the Golden Gate Park in San
 Francisco, where I am taking my
vacation  from job at Rauch
Industries - 1975

  The Rock Group I sang in from
    '74-'76. This is our 50's act we
    did in clubs.This photo was
    taken at the El Condor Club
   in Gastonia, NC. The owner
   of the club was Charlie Gunn,
    seen here on the front row.

Me, Mike, Jan and Russell at
the El Condor Club, 1976

This is Mary Ruth Brown
and Allen D Guy, my
 in-laws - 1985.  "POP"
has gone on to the Olam
Haba. May he rest in peace.

My brother Richard Hill

Randy's  Graduation
    Day, June 1989

   My brother Randy and his two friends,
Ruth Marie and Patty Bowman.
Memorial Day Weekend- 2004

Randy at Piedmont Skills where he is
a client. This was taken at their annual
holiday party - 2004

My dear hubby and his sweet mother,
Mary Ruth, standing outside her home
January  2006

My uncle Perry Wilson  (left)  and my dad
Kermit Hill. They hadn't seen each other
in years and finally did so at grandma's
funeral here in 2004.

This is my brother Randy, my dad and
me at his house in Belmont, NC.
Dad passed on to the Olam Haba in

  This is my beloved  husband,  David

Me and David at my mom's

My two girls, Stella and Calico

My 4 cousins-Cheri Hill, Rhonda Hill,
Sandra, and Hildah Joyce Simon. Taken
February 2005 at Greenville SC.  They
flew in for funeral of Edna S. Hill, our

Me and our 1966 Mustang  Pro Drag Car
             at Ware Shoals Dragway

My uncle Perry Wilson and his son,
 my cousin Phil Wilson - 2003

Randy Hill and my mother, Betty - 2005

My cousin Linwood Hill, his wife Nancy,
and their two beautiful daughters Pamela
and Jennifer - 2005

My friend Beth with me and her cat named
Pepper - Hanukkah 2003

CHER and Calico at home - 2004

Marnie Levitt, her son Levi and
me - 2004.

Our  friend Mike Green and his
wife, Margaret - 2003

My chavera Elly and her funky van
taken in parking lot of Ashbrook
High School - 2006

This is me and my buddy Anita.
We were volunteers in the
kitchen at Piedmont Skills
For the Handicapped.

Me, CHER at WOLT for
the Down Home Shalom
broadcast - 2008

My chavera Sara Rabin and BearDog,
her 'baby'

Kyle, AJ and Ira - my chaverim and the hosts
of the DOWN HOME SHALOM radio

My chavera Phyllis Trotter. She has a
Messianic Dance and Banner ministry.

   Girlfriend Shirley Katz and her pet
 bird "Cookie"

This is my friend, David
Katz, Shirley's husband.

Moishe Rosen and me.
Moishe is the Founder of  Jews
for Jesus in San Francisco,
California.  Moishe is one of
the most precious friends
Abba  has blessed me with!


My long time chavera, Connie Harris.

Here I am with  Bill Cloud, a famous prophecy
teacher who has SHORESHIM ministry in
Cleveland, TN.

My niece, Mika, popping balloon at our
annual Hanukkah Party, to find out what
what her prize is

Me and Gershon Solomon.
Gershon is the Founder of
the Temple Mount Faithful
In the land of Israel.

These are my precious chaverim! On the left
is Joel Golden, in the middle is his mother,
Connie,   and on the right is Joel's father
Jerry Golden. Joel is in the IDF and his
 mother and father have a ministry in Israel.

    Here I am with Jeff Siegel,  his wife Terri,
      Mandy,  Marty Clary and his wife Ginger,
         at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.
We were taking the sport of Baseball
to Israel!

Here we are at Caesarea-the waters of the
Mediterranean are beautiful here!

      Here I am  (on the far right)  with Ginger
Clary and Terri  Siegel at the Red Sea.

Here we all are at Ramone's on Ben Yehuda
 Street.  The food here was awesome!

My chaverim Frank and Carol who live in
Haifa, Israel. They have a ministry there.

My sweet chavera, Kary Swope - 2004

Bill "Da Yid"  Swope, Kary's hubby

       Peggy  Israel Guy, my husband's Aunt - 2004

Me and my buddy Mandy placing our own
stones on Oskar Schindler's grave in
Jerusalem.  Oskar Schindler is buried
as a 'righteous gentile" on Mt. Zion.
May he rest in peace.

This page is dedicated to the memory of my two sons, Joshua Gabriel (1983) and Jonathan David (1985) and also to the memory of my great-great-great  grandpa Henry Willis, a Confederate soldier who died during the Civil War, in 1864.
May they  rest in peace.
Jews in the Civil War

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