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ALL BELIEVERS IN Y'SHUA  have Jewish roots in the Messiah, the Saviour of the world. Christianity's roots are in Biblical Judaism.
I believe every child of YAH (see Psalm 68:4) should study and research the Messianic Community which began with the Jewish disciples and apostles.
  Y"SHUA lived as a Jew because He WAS (and still IS) one. Y'SHUA celebrated and kept all the feast. He learned a trade
(carpentry) from Yosef, (Joseph, his foster father), as all Jewish males were supposed to do. Y'SHUA lived as a Jew and kept the Torah, and
He instructed others to do the same.
 Y'SHUA is THE promised Messiah! Y'SHUA died on the execution stake for the sins of all mankind. 

And there is no other name whereby which we might be saved except the name of Y'SHUA.

All of the ones Y'SHUA called to be his talmidim (disciples) were Jews.  From them stemmed the Messianic Community.
This site will help you learn about the Messianic beliefs and the Messianic Community. To learn about the Jewish people, you need to know
their way of life, their traditions, the prayers they pray and why, their feasts and customs, and how being a Messianic Believer differs
from being a Conservative, Reform, or Orthodox Jew. There IS a difference and this site will show you exactly what that difference is.

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My Identity As A Jew

You will learn much and be blessed by  these  Messianic links...

Messianic Life Magazine
 Extensive Messianic Glossary
Messianic Bar or Bat Mitzvah
Messianic Literary Corner
Messianic Liturgical Resources
Messianic Messages
Messianic Jewish Online
Jews, Gentiles and the Church.
Grafted In or Called Out?
Messianic Gentile In A Jewish Congregation
The Mystery of Isaiah 53
Why Messianic Jews?
What IS Messianic Judaism?
Messianic Jewish Eschatology
The Messianic Movement & Messianic Judaism..What is it?
How to Point to Moshiach From Your Rabbi's Bible

JEW and GENTILE website and podcast of Ira Goldberg and Alton Stone


Are You Doubting your faith in Messiah Yahshua because of anti-missionaries or a skeptical argument?
If so, then go to the sites below for much needed information
Countering Rabbinic Judaism
 Anti-Missionary Arguments
 About Anti-Missionaries

Below are some miscellaneous informational sites for you to visit...

The Order of the Havdallah Service
50 Year Yahrzeit Calendar Calculator
Tassels For Today

Techelet-Tzitzit and Women
Orthodox Brit Chadasha Online
Glossary of Jewish Terminology
The Message of the Shofar
Torah: Under Law or Under Grace?
The Importance of Teshuvah (Repentance)
What is TORAH?
Jewish Signs, Symbols and Their Meaning
Introduction to Biblical Archaeology

Torah on the Information Superhighway
The Temple - Its Ministry and Services
The High Holy Days
Brit HaDasha - Last Will and Testament
The Biblical Kashruit Laws
Weddings of Ancient Israel - A Picture of the Messiah
The Jewish Wedding and the Bride of the Messiah
Hebrew Glossary

Here are some very interesting pages to view...
  Jewish AND Christian - Can It Be?
 Baptism - Is it Pagan or Jewish?
Who Killed Yahshua? - for Jewish Visitors
 Who Killed Yahshua? - For Christian Visitors
Should Christians Convert to Judaism?
Are Christians Spiritual Jews?
How Can You Believe in Yahshua and Still Be Jewish?

Ever wonder why Messianic Believers worship on Friday sunset til Saturday sunset and others may worship on Sunday? 
Here are some links that will shed light on the subject...
How the Sabbath Was Changed to Sunday
The Weekly Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?
Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions About Sunday
 The Glory of the Sabbath - by Dr. David Hargis

To help Messianic Jewish believers in Israel


If you would like to receive current Messianic News items,
just click on the link below...
Messianic Daily News


Both Jew and Gentile will be interested in these links...
How Messianic Gentiles Are a Part of Israel
YHVH Did Not Reject His People
SHALOM RealMedia Library
 Anti-Semitism and Christianity
Replacement Theology and Israel
Re-placement or In-placement Theology
Shema Israel

Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Online

The Sacred Calendar of the Elohim of Israel
The Feast Days of the Elohim of Israel
Anti-Judaism and the Council of Nicea
Anti-Semitism of the Church Fathers
Calendar of Jewish Persecution
Ezekiel 37: The Necessary Death and Resurrection of Israel
Isaiah's Sundial and Joshua's Long Day
Come Out of Her MY People
 Pre-Trib Perspectives
50 Evidences for a Pre-Trib Rapture
Rapture Ready
Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith
Guide to a Traditional Shabbat
Jewish Background of Christian Baptism
Where Did Bar and Bat Mitzvah Come From?
Just What IS the Rapture?
To the Jew First
Israel and the Church: the Differences
Eliyah's Home Page-Bringing Back the Name of YAH

YHWH eCards


Are you considering HOMESCHOOLING?
Check out the links below...
Home School Books - Extensive Messianic Collection
 The Messianic Home School
Eagle's Wings Educational Materials
The Weaver Curriculum
Messianic HomeSchooling
Switched-On School House



This subject has been discussed many times online...
The Jewishness of the New Testament
 Is the New Testament Anti-Semitic?

If you know about the Talmud, this is informative...
  When Talmud is Right

All Israel Will Be Saved

The following links pertain to Yahshua haMoshiach

Discover Messiah
The Curse of Jeconiah and the Messiah Yahshua

  Yahshua and Halacha
Is Yahshua the Messiah of Israel?
A Prophet Like Unto Moses
 Who is the Messiah?
Messiah Yahshua
 Genealogy of the Messiah
Yahshua's Jewish Parents
 Biblical Dates of Messiah's Conception and Birth
Virgin Birth, Jewish Adoption and Genealogy of the Messiah
Why say Yahshua?
 The Life of the Messiah
  The Mystery of the Messiah
Messiah Revealed
 Is the Messiah Divine?
Is Yahshua....YHVH?
The Law of the Fringe
Facts About the Crucifixion of the Messiah From a Medical Standpoint
What Do the Scriptures Teach About the Messiah?
 Messiah in the Torah
The Messiah in the Tenach
 Does Psalm 2 Refer to the Messiah?
Yahshua's View of the Torah
Yahshua the Living Torah
 Two Messiahs?
 Can One Messiah  Fulfill Two Functions?
 The Birthpangs of the Messiah
 The YHVH's Annual Holy Days
 What Day of the Week was Yahshua Crucified?
The Resurrection of the Messiah- Hoax or History?
Why the Messiah Did Not Die on Good Friday
 Prophecies Fulfilled by Yahshua
  Presenting Messiah to Your Jewish Friends
When Messiah Comes
 The Seven Festivals of the Messiah
The Messiah - Objections and Evidence

    Here is a very interesting site...
Where is Rabbi Waxman?

Have questions? Need answers and don't know where to go or who to ask? 

Interested in having a web site hosted OR need a web page designed?
Visit the sites below...

 Christian and Messianic Web Hosting

To chat or correspond with other believers, visit the sites below...
 Pal Talk
Messianic Living Message and Discussion Board
Zola Levitt Chat

Are You A SINGLE Messianic Believer and you want to meet others who are also SINGLE?
If so you may connect with other Messianic Singles by clicking on the link below...

 Messianic Connections

 Messianic Teens

Torah For Kids


Please visit these online Messianic ministries...

Messianic Bible Society
For our Russian Speaking friends...

For our German Speaking friends...

Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute
Garments of Salvation
Restorers of Zion
Woman Of Valor
Jewish Outreach International
Torah Light Ministries
Messiah Alive!
Zion's Hope
Voice of Israel
Messianic Good News
Messianic Covenant Community

Olive Tree Ministries
Petah Tikvah - Door of Hope
 Heart of Zion Online Messianic Ministry
Messianic Minutes
Messianic Literature Outreach

Light of Zion
Isralite Ministries
 Paul Wilbur Ministries
Trumpet of Salvation to Israel
Netivyah Bible Institute - Located in Israel
ECHAD Ministry
Aleph and Tav of Jerusalem
Messianic Oneness Community
Got Messiah?
Gilead Ministries

 Jews For Jesus
Messianic Perspectives
Messianic Home
Messianic Treasures
Tents of Mercy Textiles-An Enterprise of Israeli Messianic Believers
Come To Zion

 Out of Zion
 Restoration Foundation With Dr. John Garr
Ariel Ministries
EMET Ministries
 LEDERER Messianic Communications Network
 Messianic Moments
Jerry Golden's Home Page
Gratefully Grafted Ministries
Rose Price Ministries
 Jewish Jewels
Sid Roth's Messianic Vision
Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva

Out of Zion
Hebraic Heritage Ministries

Young Messianic Jewish Alliance
Menorah Ministries
Zola Levitt Presents
Maoz Israel

 International Messianic Jewish Alliance
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations
Messianic Bureau International
Messianic Jewish Movement International
First Fruits of Zion

Chosen People Ministries
 Apple Of His Eye Ministry
 Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Messianic Messages - A Light for the Gentiles
Baxter Bible Ministries
Bridges for Peace

Messianic Covenant Community

Word of Messiah
Dr. Randy Weiss
Baseball Without Borders
 Barry and Batya Segal - Remnant of Israel Ministries
 Christian Friends of Israel
Mayim Hayim Ministries
Christians For Israel
 Howard Morgan Ministries
Sions Rose Ministries

To support the Messianic Ministries IN Eretz, please visitI Stand With Israel

This is the  first truly messianic children's curriculum that is from a Torah based perspective...


The Messianic Times is the leading International Messianic
Jewish Newspaper! 
Get a FREE sample copy of the Messianic Times newspaper!
You may request your paper by email at Messianic Times
Or you may call the office toll free: 1-866-612-7770

Your rights as a believer in Yahshua been violated? If so, contact The American Center for Law and Justice

If your rights as a Messianic believer have been violated, contact these people Messianic Defense League

For Messianic/Judaic items of interests check these out...

Light of Zion Jewelry
The Messianic Market
Y'shua Wear
WISE DYES - Messianic T-Shirts

KOSHER GIFT BOX - Gourmet Gifts and Baskets For All Occasions

JABEZ TRAVEL, INC - Messianic Cruises
EL SHADDAI MINISTRIES - Tax Exempt Status & NonProfit Incorporation
 JUBILEE HARPS - King David Kinnors
 THE GALILEE EXPERIENCE-Gifts from the Galilee
CANAAN-Gifts and Presents from the Holy Land


Here are some very good sites if you are interested in Prophecy...
Focus on Jerusalem

Grant Jeffrey Ministries

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy News Watch

Perry Stone Ministires

Prophecy Update 

Below are some links on the Tri-Unity of YHWH...
 Jewishness and the Trinity
The Trinity Is Jewish
Traditional View of the Trinity
  A Look at the TRINITY
One EL or Three?

Interested in learning Hebrew?Interested in learning hebrew?

Hebrew for Christians

Hooked on Hebrew
Hebrew Aleph-Bet
Easy Hebrew Correspondence Course
Hebrew College Online Courses
Hebrew Online-Live - Learn From the Comfort of Your Home

Hebrew Alphabet Letter Chart and Books of the Bible

To learn about Messianic Dance, click on the links below...
Messianic Dance Camps International
 Messianic and Davidic Dance
Praise Him in the Dance

For Praise  and Worship Bannerscheck out the following links:
Banner For The King
Sion's Rose - Messianic Banners and Tribal Flags
 Worship Banners by Victory Vision
 ReJoyce Banners
 Praise Banners

Israel TV - Your Non-Stop Channel For Messianic Ministry

Sounds of SHALOM - Messianic and Contemporary Jewish Music 24/7


Messianic Worship Music

Messianic Sheet Music 

 Now, to find  in your area, click on these links....
  Torah Observant Messianic Congregations
Messianic Directory
Messianic Jewish Top 100
  Messianic Times Directory
Messianic Congregations and Websites from A to Z

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